Monday, July 13, 2009

What a great day!

Today we were blessed with absolutely perfect weather!
The rain finally stopped and the clouds went away, letting the sun shine back in and the blue sky show!
It was a bit breezy out but just the right temperature, a totally perfect day for being a tour guide through out Bremen!
We took my Grandparents and my cousin into the city today.

Walkin to the bus stop!
Waiting at the bus stop!

On the bus



My Grandparents!

A church in the City Center!

Random smelly Toilette!

Allie rubbing the Bremen Town Musician's legs for good luck!



Ina in Alaska said...

Enjoyed the tour!! Glad the sun came out!!

Somer Love said...

Looks like you girls are having a blast... You didn't fool me with that prayer pic :)

Enjoy! Tell everyone Hi See if Cese can bring me back a Kinder egg ;)

preppyplayer said...

Too much fun! I love seeing you and Allie together again. And, tell Allie I LOVE her hair natural instead of flatironed- it looks so pretty.
You look wonderful too :)

kw said...

Yeah, we are happy about the sun, but with it came the humidity once again.. :(

Somer- Kinder egg's are already stowed away in her luggage for ya, no worries there! :)

PP- Hate to break it to ya but she curled her hair, not natural..but it looks like it! :)


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