Friday, July 10, 2009

Ready to go!

Tomorrow is the big day!
And we've been getting ready for it pretty much all day!
The day started off with German! My mom had her German lesson first thing in the morning...
and while she was learning I had the honor of cleaning my room and bathroom.
Then my mom was off to Sophie's grooming appointment.
While she was gone I....continued cleaning! Vacuuming, dusting, striping the sheets and changing the towels, all that fun stuff! :)
Sophie arrived back looking so pretty for her guest's tomorrow!



With Sophie all pretty as can be, the house clean, and only grocery shopping left it seems like we are totally ready for tomorrow to come and our visitors to arrive! So excited!

Now only if the rain would lighten up a bit! :(
It's been raining all day, hasn't stopped once! We all hope it clears up so the fam can have a nice, warm, and sunny summer trip! :)

Scary skies!

Isn't Germany green enough? We don't need anymore rain!

Puddles everywhere....the rain just keeps fallin. :(

Hope everyone else' Summer is bright and sunny like Summer weather should be! :)



Frau said...

AH!! She looks cute before and after. Only difference is no cone!!

Ina in Alaska said...

Sophie is so cute! Love your Sophie pictures. Why is she wearing the collar??

You are such a good help to your mom.... can you please come over and clean my house next??

Looking forward to all the fun reports!!

Joyce said...

Sophie looks so adorable. Why does she have the collar on? That is so sweet of you to jump in and help out. Do you want to come to Illinois? Have fun! xoxo

kw said...

Lol! I would love to come visit you guys..but not to clean! :)
She has the collar on because she has such itchy skin that she will itch herself soooo much and bit at her skin and actually makes it bleed sometimes, so we have to keep the 'cone' (as we call it!) on her at all times! So sad though, she always is running into things with that on! :(

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