Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

I wish everyone an Eggcalent Easter,
with a lot of Hoppiness and Joy!!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

A delicious day!

Yesterday my mom and I
spent our day in the kitchen.
My mom made lemon pound cake, one for our neighbors, one for her German teacher, and one for us! While I made Easter cookies!

The lovely baker herself!

The ingredients to her masterpiece!

Not quite done yet! :)

The ingredients to my yummy Bunny cookies!

Sophie sunbathing during all this baking!

The Bunnies fresh out of the oven!

Some of them didn't quite make it though :(

Me making my Bunnies pretty!

The finished product!

Now, I was having issues turning this picture of my Bunny around, but I just had to post my oh so Preppy green and PINK Bunny!

and of course...

The Rainbow Bunny!!!


What's in your backyard?

When my family lived in Utah
we practically had the mountains at our back door. We lived right on the bench of the mountains, only 20 minutes away from the ski resorts, and totally loved it!

Now, here in Germany, we have the total opposite. We went from tall and soaring peaks to flat and grassy landscape! Just down the street from our house here in Germany we have acres and acres or endless farms, fields, grasslands, etc. Its amazing! My dad showed me what the image looks like on Google Earth and the green never ends it seems. Through out this never ending landscape are various bike paths. They go from big long paths with people enjoying the nature by biking, running, walking, even roller blading! While some are small, dirt paths that lead you through fields of wheat with a random house/farm here and there.

It is actually quite picturesque out there. The fields are so pretty during the spring time, sometimes you pass a quaint little lake, a small community restaurant here or there, and sometimes you can ride for ever and not see a soul.

Looking back I find it quite interesting how landscape affects weekly activities. During the winter in Utah we were up in the mountains constantly, my dad and I loving skiing with a passion, we would be up at the resorts every weekend. During the fall driving up the canyons to see the color change. And during the summer in Utah we would hike in the mountains. Going on family hikes to Lakes, or with friends, we were constantly up in the mountains, using them and enjoying them all year around.

Alright this was taken in early spring last year at my school, and if you ignore the crazy people in this picture you can see the mountains in the background! That's you close we were too the mountains!

But, living in Germany, where endless fields of green and gold are right next door, year around events are scarce. During the winter we rarely rode our bikes along the paths and through the fields, but in summer and fall, with everything blooming and the weather so nice, we take a bike ride out there almost every weekend!

We went on a very long bike ride today! The weather was perfect, we actually got a little hot at one point! The bike paths were a little busy at times, but not too bad! We took a different rout this time and saw some very interesting things! We passed by a small shack, I can't remember the name, but they had picnic tables set up everywhere and the place was packed. It looked like a small snack shack to me, but people were lining up to get their drinks and spicy sausage. (That is what my mom kept saying they were probably eating :] )

We also rode by a small community. There were a few very very very small homes on the side of the bike path/rode. We also rode by a field with tents set up, a camping ground, or a campingplatz, in German! Near the campinplatz was a small river, not one I would personally take a swim in, but there were people there, getting in the canoe's and swimming around.
Here are some pictures from our day!
My Dad!
Horse riders, I forgot to mention that every now and then on the path a few people riding horses pass by! Horse riding is very big here in Germany.

Holy Cow!! :)

Here is my PINK Bike taking a rest, by a pretty flower bush, from all the pedaling!!

My dad having a snack and soaking in the spring weather!

Miss Kathy Safety!

This picture doesn't do justice, but near the end of our journey today we rode along side a small river. On the other side of the river were these beautiful homes. Many of them had docks at the edge of their properties. They were very quaint and picturesque!

And that is my new backyard!

Have you decorated your...

...Easter Tree yet?
Yes, your Easter Tree, sort of like a Christmas tree, but for Easter!
These Easter Tree's are in almost every front yard, shop, or school here in Bremen. The first time I saw one I was..shocked! I had never heard of, seen one, or even thought of an Easter Tree before!

Whats on an Easter Tree?
Well eggs of course! We have seen these eggs before at the grocery stores, they are little plastic or wooden eggs with looped strings attached to them, in order for them to hang!

Everywhere people have their Easter Trees decorated, I saw our neighbors decorating theirs yesterday! I wonder if my family will ever get an Easter Tree!
Above is a picture of my neighbor's Easter Tree. The picture didn't turn out too well, so I'll post some more pictures of ones that I see around town tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Fever!

For a while now
the weather here in Bremen has been exceptionally good! Spring has arrived, flowers blooming, skies clear and blue, causing the German's too actually smile!
Spring is my all time favorite season! The weather is perfect, flowers are everywhere, and pink is one of the main colors!
I also love Spring because...
It is the season that my birthday is in!
Spring Break of course
it means that Summer is just around the corner!!!
I hope your day is blooming with spring joy, blue skies, and the songs from birds!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Last weekend
my parents took me to London for my 15th Birthday!
Packing very light, leaving room in our bags for our new shopping finds, we were off to the land of the English!
The first thing we did once we were in London was the London Eye! It is such a cool ride, you go sooo high in the air (135 Meters to be precise), and you get the best view of London there is. It's a long ride, but the capsules are giant, so we were all able to get pictures of the city from every angle.
This is what we rode in on the Eye

My Mom and Dad

View of Big Ben from the Eye

The day after was my Birthday, so we celebrated it on Oxford and Regents Street, shopping our little hearts away and going in all the American stores we could find!!

After we went shopping we went to dinner and then to a movie! This was my first time, at a movie theater, since Christmas time that we saw a movie in English!!! We saw Slumdog Millionaire, which was very good!

The next morning we packed our bags and got ready to leave, we weren't leaving until that night, so we left our bags at the hotel and did some more sightseeing! We went on a walk through Hyde Park and saw Buckingham Palace along with the Horse Guards.

It was a wonderful birthday and trip!

Kensington Palace


Gates near Buckingham Palace

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