Thursday, March 26, 2009


I will be 15

in just

2 days!!!

And....Since my parents surprised me with a trip to London for my Birthday and we leave on Friday (which I cannot wait for!!!), I won't be able to celebrate it on the actual day with my friends!


Today was the day of Celebration! I brought cupcakes into school and shared them with all my friends, spreading the joy and deliciousness!

They were chocolate with chocolate frosting and sprinkles! What color? PINK of course!

My friends loved them, they always find it so fascinating when ever I bring in cupcakes. The reason? Well...The German's don't really have cupcakes, the have muffins. Their muffins are just normal muffins, so they find the sugary treats with frosting and sprinkles quite amazing, while I find their reactions quite funny!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today is.....

My Mom's and Dad's Anniversary!!
They have been together for 21 years! I hope that they have a wonderful Anniversary with many more wonderful years to come!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You would have never known....

Yesterday was St. Patty's Day, but if you were here in Germany, you would have had no idea! Ever since I can remember everyone has worn green on St. Patty's Day, even if they weren't Irish, but here in Germany it's just like another day!
As I was getting ready for school yesterday, wearing anything and everything green that I could find, I was interested to see how the Germans celebrated St. Patrick's Day. In America it's automatic that you wear green, celebrate the holiday (even if you may only be 1/8th Irish!!).
When I got to school I was soo shocked with the little amount of green I saw through out the day. I was the only one in my class wearing green, and in the upper grades of my school there was only about 4 others wearing green, lets just say that a lot of pinches were going around!
Hope you all had a green and lucky St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Doodling Dumb?

From 5th Grade on I have had to do a big project; Either the State Fair in 5th Grade (New York), Country Fair in 6th Grade (Poland), or the Science Fair in 7th and 8th Grade ( Which Soda Stains Teeth the Most/What Affect Does the Location of Bread Have on Mold Rate?). And last year I thought was going to be my last year; turns out not!
About two weeks ago my science teacher announced to the class that the Science Fair was coming up in a couple weeks and we needed to start thinking! My first though; WHAT?! We have to do Science Fair? I thought we were in High School now, you don't do that...right? Well, it turns out at the International School of Bremen, you do, everyone does!
So..I started thinking of what to do, though I wished I didn't have to, I tried to think of something interesting, creative, and new! Well as it turns out that night I was online checking my email and what do ya know?! There is a link to an article on my Homepage that caught my eye! The article explained how some scientist at Plymouth University researched how doodling can affect your memory, how when test subjects listened to a recording; listing different places and people, some were doodling while others were not. After the recording they all took the same quiz, asking questions about the recording, and the results concluded that the people that were doodling while listening to the recording were capable of answering more questions that the people that were not!
After reading the article I decided that this was what I was doing for my Science Fair experiment, it's a new discovery, it's interesting, seems fun, and something totally out of the ordinary!

Kreativ Blogger

I was tagged by my mom at West Family Adventures to list seven things that I love and tag seven others to do so as well! Here's what I love....

#1. I love my friends soooooo much, old and new, and miss my friends in Utah with all my heart!

#2. My family is my life, I would be lost without them!

#3. I love anything outdoors, if not skiing, swimming, hiking, or just walking and hanging out! Enjoy the world around you!

#4. I love to shop! Shoes, bags, dresses (anything) are my passion! :)

#5. Skiing is my most favorite thing to do! I love the feeling of freedom while flying down the slopes, wind on your face, and the beauty of the mountains surrounding you!

#6. I LOVE PINK! Pink is the color of almost everything I own. Pink is my color. When you think pink, you think Katelyn!!! Ex: Pink Bike, Backpack, Umbrella, endless supplies of clothes and bags...etc!

#7. I love to blog/write, thought I don't get to it a lot. I love blogging because it lets my friends and family back home know what is happening and going on in my life. I love writing because it clears my thoughts and lets my imagination grow! there are some/seven things that I love! The task is to tag seven others, but....I say that anyone that feels like letting us all in on what they really love welcome to it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

ISB Valentine's Day!

My School, the International School of Bremen (or ISB for short!), celebrated Valentine's with the Spirit of LOVE in the air! We had a fun time all dressed up in the LOVE Day colors while sweets and Vday decorations were sold, all the money donated to a local heart foundation!

My Friend Lauren and I

Valeria! A new girl in our class (for about 3 weeks now) that comes from Mexico!!

Crazy 9th Grade!

Emily, Lucien, and Aylin!

Emily and I!

Dennis and Max

Birthday Month!!

March has finally come and it is time for my first German Birthday! I am turning 15 in just 20 days and can't wait! Everyday I tell my friends at school how many days and they often break out singing Happy Birthday!

I love my Birthday and am excited to be 15, but it is going to be strange not having my Birthday at 'Home', without my friends and family, but also a new and exciting experience! My parents told me today that they wanted to take me back to London over my Birthday, to go shopping at some of the American Stores (wahooo!) that they have there and to get in some more sight seeing! I cant wait!!! :)

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