Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ever since I can remember our family has been together for Thanksgiving, spending it the traditional way with the big Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pie, etc... But this year is different! We are spending our Thanksgiving visiting Big Ben and the London Bridge in London!

It's the time of year to be with family and friends...spending the Holidays with joy and cheer. Even though we are far away from our home with all of the things that we love about the Holidays we are still enjoying ourselves over here in Germany, visiting and getting to know more and more about Europe every chance we can get!
Keep your eye's out for our unique Thanksgiving pictures next week!
Happy Thanksgiving....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

The sun peaked in through the window shades as morning awoke and my Mom came bursting into my room. It was Friday morning and my Mom had to awake me to tell me that it was snowing in Bremen! She opened the blinds, letting in the brightness of the sun, exposing the light, wet, snow falling from the sky. Although it wasn't sticking just yet it was still exciting all the same! Below is a picture of one of the small things that can make my Mom and I happy!

As the day drew on the snow kept falling off and on through out. That night I had a Birthday Party for one of the girls at my school, and as my friend, Emily, and I were making our way back home with the buses and trams the snow got heavier and heavier! Before we knew it we were walking through snow covered sidewalks, full of joy that it was finally sticking to the ground! We were shivering and cold but happy all the same! Below is a picture, from the same place as above, of the snow that actually stuck! Wahoo....

The next day, as my parents, Emily, and I were still enamored with the snow (you'd think that we'd never seen snow before.) My parents decided to go for a walk down a country path near our house. There are some really beautiful pictures of the snow covered tree's and countryside above! Enjoy....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

100 Random Things About Me!

I was just tagged by my mom for the challenge to write 100 random things about myself! I've decided to take the challenge and I think I can handle it! Well, lets see how far I can get....

1. My favorite color is PINK!
2. I'm addicted to Vera Bradley
3. I love talking on the phone
4. I have a dog named Sophie and she is the cutest in the world!
5. 5 is my favorite number
6. I love the smell of rain
7. I love it when I get mail
8. My favorite season is Winter
9. I love taking pictures
10. My favorite books are the Twilight Series!
11. I miss my friends soooo much
12. I am an only child
13. I hate taking tests
14. I hate it when my room is messy
15. I think homework is a waste of time, but I still do it!
16. My favorite store is American Eagle Outfitters
17. I love the mountains
18. I have been a skier since I was 3
19. I suffer from too much Catholic Guilt (I get it from my mom!)
20. I rarely go without jewelry
21. I want to be a Doctor
22. I hate plain white walls
23. I love Fruit Loops
24. My favorite flower is the Orchid
25. I don't like it when my bed isn't made
26. I think I'm a clean freak! (Once again from my mom!)
27. I'm not a fan of scary movies
28. My favorite song is You Make It Real, by James Morrison
29. I love online shopping and window shopping
30. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday
31. I don't have a favorite movie!
32. My favorite subject is Art
33. It bugs me when outfits don't match
34. I listen to music everyday, its relaxing!
35. I check my email about twice a day
36. I like to write
37. I love going to movies
38. I have to leave myself sticky notes or else I would forget everything
39. I like to read
40. I'm a very organized person
41. I love the show LOST
42. I like black and white pictures
43. I hate it when I lose things
44. I would die with out my computer
45. Swimming in the ocean scares me, but it can be fun at the same time!
46. I'm not very good at keeping plants alive
47. It bugs me when people walk slow
48. I think it's gross when people chew with their mouths open
49. I prefer typing over handwriting
50. I don't like fractions
51. My forever favorite/most influential teacher was Mr.Larson
52. I can be very gullible at times
53. I don't like to sleep with socks on
54. I like writing in pencil better than pen
5. I cant sleep with my hair down
56. I love visiting family
57. I have a bad memory
58. It bugs me when the blinds are closed during the day, let the sun in !
59. I hate commercials
60. I get headaches a lot
61. I'm not very patient
62. I hate it when my alarm goes off in the morning and I'm guilty of pushing snooze
63. I admit to singing in the shower
64. I love to swim
65. I love re-reading my goodbye letters from friends
66. I don't like being outside at night time
67. I'd rather be skiing right now
68. I don't like how skirts way below the knee look
69. I wish I was going to Judge (school I was going to go to)
70. I love having candles around
71. I like playing card/board games every once in a while
72. I like getting my hair cut, especially if it turns out OK!
73. I find baths very relaxing
74. I can be competitive
75. I love having my birthday
76. I have the best parents in the world
77. My friends ROCK! hehe
78. I can't wait to drive!
79. I carry my camera everywhere I go
80. I try to save my money, but I end up spending it on shopping!
81. I hate taking out the trash
82. One word: SHOES
83. I have 50+ headbands
84. My BFF's name is Jordan
85. I love days where you never get out of your pajama's
86. I have an awesome PINK bike
87. I love to travel
88. I like rainy days
89. I think that everyday is a good ski day!
90. I like to cook
91. I am shy around new people
92. I like having my nails painted but I don't like painting them!
93. Decorating for Xmas is one of my favorite parts of the Holidays!
94. I love talking online with people
95. I love Christmas music
96. Sugar babies are my favorite candies
97. I prefer Carmel over chocolate
98. Maggie Moo's Cake Batter is my all time favorite ice cream
99. Costco 4 layer chocolate cake is my favorite cake ever! (and Lynda's carrot cake)
100. I am thankful for all that I have and consider myself to be lucky...
I now tag my Aunt Patty-Good Luck!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

As I was looking through all of my pictures to get an idea of what to write about, I came across this picture of the sunset. I picked this one particularly because sunsets are rarely seen here in Bremen anymore, because the sun rises so late and sets so early they are barley able to catch anymore. The other day as I was walking from the bus into my school I noticed the sun coming up at around 8 o'clock! It made me think of all the beautiful sunsets/sunrises my family and I saw while in Mexico, where the picture was taken, and quickly brought back good memories of our trip. Starting off my day with that sunrise kept my mind positive and open, creating a very good day full of memories of joy and happiness!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Life in Germany has been an adventure from the start. From the first couple of weeks, not yet being used to the time change and falling asleep in the middle of the day to getting lost in the city! It has been an interesting learning experience with a lot of laughter, sadness, and frustration. But now all is well...we are getting around pretty well with the trams, buses, and my ever so famous PINK bike! We have gotten used to the idea of asking people every where we go if they know English and having life go on at a much slower German pace. The food is interesting but I'm managing! Getting to school everyday has been the hardest of them all though. I have to wake up Sooo early so I have time to leave an hour before school starts. I either have to take the tram and bus or ride my bike, and riding my bike isn't fun when it starts to rain and the fog is so thick you can barley see two feet in front of you. But the trams and buses can be interesting too! They are always so crowded and you can barley move, so every morning I take the tram i have to barge through people just in order to get out!

But I guess that it's all apart of the adventure. Dealing with the angry German's all of the time isn't always nice but at some times can be very entertaining! The German's NEVER smile, say 'excuse me', or even say/do anything polite or nice! It is interesting walking down the street, passing people with permanent frowns on their faces! We have ourselves convinced that they were born with frowny faces!!

School has been going well! It is surprisingly smaller than my old school, Cosgriff, but everyone is very nice and was really welcoming! There are only about 15 kids in my class and only 5 of us are girls! One of my good friends is from Texas and another new boy this year is from Georgia! All the kids come from all over the world and it's very interesting to hear about the different cultures. I have friends from Spain/Poland, Germany, Israel, etc.

Although life in Germany has been interesting and fun I still miss Home very very much! I cant wait to see everyone in about 30 days!

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