Sunday, July 5, 2009

A week in review

As another Summer week past by my mom and I used up the freedom of no school or homework with relaxing along with busy days of getting things done!
On Thursday we went into the city. We did a little shopping and went to Starbuck's, of course!
On Friday we started early! We left the house at 10:30 and made our way down town again with the buses and trams. Already sticky and hot from another day of crazy high humidity we went into the train station and bought our tickets for our trip to Bavaria with my cousin and grandparents next week. After purchasing our tickets, that took a little longer than expected, we ate lunch!
Ready to go out again and face the heat we were off on yet another tram then a bus to get to Ikea. It took us about 50 minutes to get out there. Once inside we raced through the maze of furniture and got everything we needed!

Our cart was just a little to full to take the trams and buses back home...
so we took a taxi, which was also much, much faster!
That night we met some friends for dinner at a restaurant in the oldest part of Bremen, called the Schnor. The restaurant is called Schroder's. It has wonderful food and a wonderful atmosphere. But we had a small problem. Most of the restaurant is outside and right after we arrived it started to downpour!
We were seated under an awning in a very nice outdoor place of the restaurant. It was raining so hard at times that it would splash up against everyone's feet. It died down a bit and finally stopped once we got our meals...but the rain did not help the humidity! You could feel it get higher as everything started to dry up..not so good for curly hair when the person with the hair is not expecting curl at the time!
All in all it was a great time with friends and delicious food!

Statue soaked by the rain...

My Dad
My Mom

On Saturday we did our daily chores. Biking to stores here and there. Later in the afternoon we met on of my Dad's coworkers for dinner near the river. We ate dinner, people watched, talked, and later went for ice cream. The weather was perfect. Temperature not too hot with just the right breeze, clear skies and beaming sun, all made the city look so beautiful!

City Hall (Rathaus)

Later that night we came home and celebrated the 4th of July in the only way we could...


Frau said...

Good but busy week!Was a different 4th of July kinda sad about that. Glad we made it back from Ikea alive.

preppyplayer said...

I notice a pretty, pink scout bag and a longchamp of course! Ready for some shopping here?

I am ready to visit you! Looks like there is a lot to do and that you are all taking advantage of it :)
Love you!

kw said...

Ready? Yes! I'm totally ready! :)

Joyce said...

A very busy week indeed! When I saw your Ikea cart I thought immediately how are they going to get that all on the train. At our store they don't give out shopping bags. In fact one time it was raining I was going to push the cart to my car and unload it and bring it back, but once I got off the curb a man was chasing me. I swear there was a sensor the cart. No way Jose I couldn't bring the cart to my car not even if I left my license for him to hold.

I feel your pain with all the humidity. I would be one very grouchy gal!! xoxo

Ina in Alaska said...

Katelyn I will be back to follow your adventures. You are quite a good writer, you capture the atmosphere and your activities very very well!! You and your mom made a great haul at Ikea. We do not have Ikea in Alaska, wish we did. Your description of the rain and humidity at the restaurant made me feel sweaty! and there is little to no humidity in Alaska!!Have a lovely day!! xoxo

kw said...

Joyce- wow. That's crazy! They don't let you even bring them to the car!? That doesn't make sense, because when you go to Ikea you rarely have small purchases!

The humidity has been calming down a bit this week! So the girl's in the family are a little happier! :)

Ina- Oh Thank you! :) Your too nice!
And very lucky about the low humidity in Alaska but that stinks about no Ikea there though.


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