Monday, July 20, 2009


Last year today...
I left my life, all that I ever knew, my family, and my friends behind and my family and I started a new experience.

Today, looking back at the year, that I thought would last a lifetime but truly sped by, I am thankful for the experience that I have had so far. I have met so many wonderful people, seen so many beautiful places, and have learned so many things during the last 12 months.The knowledge and understanding of other cultures and languages that have come to me during this time is something I will always cherish.

But everyday I think of family and friends back home, wondering What they are doing? How are they doing? and What kind of experiences I would be having with them if all of this never happened? Though I miss everyone and everything so much I am thankful for my families situation.

My life changed, and so have I during this first year, but as our 'New Experience' continues, I know that it will be something I will look back on in the future, something I will grow off of.
Not everyone has the chance to change their life like my family did, though it was hard at first, my family has grown from our experience and we are all glad for the memories we have created so far on our journey.


Ina in Alaska said...

Happy New Beginnings!! You are a very wise young lady and lucky to have this incredible experience. I am glad you are sharing this journey with us. Your writing is very insightful and I enjoy your viewpoint and blog posts very much!!!

Frau said...

Wow! Nicely said my wise daughter! I sharing your feelings and I do look forward to whats ahead. I luv you!

kw said...

Ina- Thank you very much! :)

Mom- Thanks, luv ya too!


kks said...

well said young lady! this will be an experience that is life changing and one you will always treasure....i can see how you have all grown and changed over the last year...always look forward to a glimpse into your lives!

kw said...

Why thank you KKs! :)

preppyplayer said...

Amen! You will be sooo ready for the world.

AMIT said...

Hope you are happy with your new beginning now.

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