Monday, March 16, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

I was tagged by my mom at West Family Adventures to list seven things that I love and tag seven others to do so as well! Here's what I love....

#1. I love my friends soooooo much, old and new, and miss my friends in Utah with all my heart!

#2. My family is my life, I would be lost without them!

#3. I love anything outdoors, if not skiing, swimming, hiking, or just walking and hanging out! Enjoy the world around you!

#4. I love to shop! Shoes, bags, dresses (anything) are my passion! :)

#5. Skiing is my most favorite thing to do! I love the feeling of freedom while flying down the slopes, wind on your face, and the beauty of the mountains surrounding you!

#6. I LOVE PINK! Pink is the color of almost everything I own. Pink is my color. When you think pink, you think Katelyn!!! Ex: Pink Bike, Backpack, Umbrella, endless supplies of clothes and bags...etc!

#7. I love to blog/write, thought I don't get to it a lot. I love blogging because it lets my friends and family back home know what is happening and going on in my life. I love writing because it clears my thoughts and lets my imagination grow! there are some/seven things that I love! The task is to tag seven others, but....I say that anyone that feels like letting us all in on what they really love welcome to it!

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Great you!

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