Monday, March 16, 2009

Doodling Dumb?

From 5th Grade on I have had to do a big project; Either the State Fair in 5th Grade (New York), Country Fair in 6th Grade (Poland), or the Science Fair in 7th and 8th Grade ( Which Soda Stains Teeth the Most/What Affect Does the Location of Bread Have on Mold Rate?). And last year I thought was going to be my last year; turns out not!
About two weeks ago my science teacher announced to the class that the Science Fair was coming up in a couple weeks and we needed to start thinking! My first though; WHAT?! We have to do Science Fair? I thought we were in High School now, you don't do that...right? Well, it turns out at the International School of Bremen, you do, everyone does!
So..I started thinking of what to do, though I wished I didn't have to, I tried to think of something interesting, creative, and new! Well as it turns out that night I was online checking my email and what do ya know?! There is a link to an article on my Homepage that caught my eye! The article explained how some scientist at Plymouth University researched how doodling can affect your memory, how when test subjects listened to a recording; listing different places and people, some were doodling while others were not. After the recording they all took the same quiz, asking questions about the recording, and the results concluded that the people that were doodling while listening to the recording were capable of answering more questions that the people that were not!
After reading the article I decided that this was what I was doing for my Science Fair experiment, it's a new discovery, it's interesting, seems fun, and something totally out of the ordinary!


Frau said...

Doodle away! Its a great idea! Have fun your like the science fair queen.

megan said...

That sounds fascinating! I can't wait to know what you find out! Do you think if I do that it will help with my constant memory loss??? Keep me posted and good luck! Love ya! Aunt Mary

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