Sunday, March 8, 2009

ISB Valentine's Day!

My School, the International School of Bremen (or ISB for short!), celebrated Valentine's with the Spirit of LOVE in the air! We had a fun time all dressed up in the LOVE Day colors while sweets and Vday decorations were sold, all the money donated to a local heart foundation!

My Friend Lauren and I

Valeria! A new girl in our class (for about 3 weeks now) that comes from Mexico!!

Crazy 9th Grade!

Emily, Lucien, and Aylin!

Emily and I!

Dennis and Max


Frau said...

Nice pictures and welcome back! I know you have been busy.

preppyplayer said...

i've missed you soon-to-be birthday girl!

ps we have a longchamp outlet here, come work for me this summer and shop too!!!

kw said...

OK PP! Sounds fun!! :)

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