Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Month!!

March has finally come and it is time for my first German Birthday! I am turning 15 in just 20 days and can't wait! Everyday I tell my friends at school how many days and they often break out singing Happy Birthday!

I love my Birthday and am excited to be 15, but it is going to be strange not having my Birthday at 'Home', without my friends and family, but also a new and exciting experience! My parents told me today that they wanted to take me back to London over my Birthday, to go shopping at some of the American Stores (wahooo!) that they have there and to get in some more sight seeing! I cant wait!!! :)


Frau said...

happy Birthday Month! I hope we have good weather in London and finds some nice normal clothes!

kw said...

cant wait to shop til we drop! :) hehe

megan said...

So excited for you to go to London for your birthday! How cool is that!!!! Miss you and wish we could be there to celebrate with you! XOX AUnt Mary

kw said...

hehe Thanks Aunt Mary! Ya, I am super excited to go, it's gonna be really fun! :)

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