Thursday, March 26, 2009


I will be 15

in just

2 days!!!

And....Since my parents surprised me with a trip to London for my Birthday and we leave on Friday (which I cannot wait for!!!), I won't be able to celebrate it on the actual day with my friends!


Today was the day of Celebration! I brought cupcakes into school and shared them with all my friends, spreading the joy and deliciousness!

They were chocolate with chocolate frosting and sprinkles! What color? PINK of course!

My friends loved them, they always find it so fascinating when ever I bring in cupcakes. The reason? Well...The German's don't really have cupcakes, the have muffins. Their muffins are just normal muffins, so they find the sugary treats with frosting and sprinkles quite amazing, while I find their reactions quite funny!


Joyce said...

I would have loved a cupcake! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special trip to London!! xoxo

Somer Love said...

muffins are just ugly cupcakes :)

Happy 15th Birthday!!!!!!!! i hope you guys have a blast in London!

preppyplayer said...

Happy Birthday! We love and miss you sooo much!
Your b-day gift will be coming to you via your Mom from arizona- it's pink and I think you will love it!

Frau said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you!!

megan said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! LOve you!!!!!!!!!!!! AUnt Mary

kw said...

thanks guys!! :)

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