Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saying Goodbye

When I first found out about our move to Bremen, the first thing I thought about and dreaded the most was saying goodbye to my life long friends, and family. I had lived my whole life in Utah, only moving once to move to a different house, but never really having to say goodbye to my friends. Everything had been so familiar my whole life, life was comfortable and safe, and I was looking forward to going to High School with all my friends.

But, as I learned more about our move to Germany my concerns of goodbyes got higher and higher, thinking it was going to be nearly impossible for me to leave my friends and family and trying not to think about it as much as I could. It was hard to leave and a hard thing to go through, still is, but today my views on goodbyes have changed. I now know what it feels like to leave your whole life behind, your friends and your family, everything you have ever known. Now that I go to an International School friends are leaving all the time, never really knowing how long anyone is going to stay I have found myself to be more open and excepting of goodbyes.

Hearing about friends leaving and moving in my school now is something I have grown to know and except. I think this move has changed me and taught me something important. I have learned that change is hard but happens all the time, true friends are with you where ever in the world you are, along with family is always at your side. These past couple of months have been hard but I have realized that in every negative situation there is always a positive. At the beginning of our move all I saw was the negative, leaving my friends, family, and life, what could be positive about that? Looking back I can now find many positive aspects of our move; traveling around Europe has been a wonderful experience, meeting new friends and being tested on true friendship with one's I've left while learning how strong friendships really are.

Though life has changed in drastic ways, negative times and things have occurred while positive ones are had along with lessons of life and friendship, I would have to say that this experience has been a positive one for me. I have gotten to learn and see so much of Europe that I would have probably never had a chance to see, I have learned more about my friends and friendships have been made stronger by being apart, I have realized how much I really appreciate my family, and I have been blessed with meeting new people that I know I will have contact with for along time. Many days have been full of sadness and wishes to go home, sorrow for family and friends, and tears of memories, but in the end thoughts come up of fun experiences, memories made because of the move, and fun times had, passing by all the sad feelings and sorrow. Because of the move to Germany my family has endured many negative times but through ever negative time has come out a positive memory that we will forever remember through our new experience's in Germany!


preppyplayer said...

Good for you! You are right!
You will ALWAYS have your true friends and family-no matter what.
And you will be surprised how many people from your school in Germany you will cross paths with again, college, work, travel.
The world has become very small because of technology and it is so much easier to stay connected.
Please come visit this summer.
Love you, Aunt Patty

kw said...

I hope we will! I really want to see you guys! <3

Joyce said...

WOW- this is a very good insight of a post! I'm so impressed. What you are feeling I felt later in life in my late 20's I was (and still at time) never good at saying goodbye because I grew up in the same town, same house, same friends. Once I started my job at the airport, things changed. People coming and going all the time because of transfers from one city to the next. Then my parents decided to sell our home move etc...
Your Aunt Patty is so right some of your friends will cross you path again.
Enjoy the moment my friend time goes fast.

Somer Love said...

Awesome! Way to embrace it! Change is good! Everything happens for a reason!

Your post reminded me of one of my favorite quotes


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