Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Over the past couple of month's my family and I have been surviving pretty well without a car! We have figured out the bus and tram schedule's and have made our way's around with our bikes...But winter has finally come to Bremen, and it's a whole different story!

Every time the door is opened just a crack, chills are sent down your spine! It is so cold here in Bremen that our weekly routine of taking bottles on out bikes to the drink department store down are street and taking the bus to pick up our groceries has gotten harder and colder and a much less exciting and appealing job! There is no snow here but the humid bitter cold forces you to extremely layer up!
I am usually one that is fond of winter. I've grown up with snow and cold weather all my life and every weekend during the winter I would be up at Snowbird or Alta skiing away! But, this cold is different! Bitter, humid, bone chilling cold is not my kind of winter! Bring on the sunshine, shorts, and summer! I've had enough of the Bremen winter!


preppyplayer said...

That is a NJ winter in a nutshell!

kw said...

Yup, agreed PP! Bremen weather is exactly like NJ, although I've never been there in the winter but my mom says that all the time! We know a humid day when u leave the house with straight hair and come back with major puff, curl, and afraid to look in the mirror! =] hehe

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