Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I had been planning it for weeks.
Organizing times, dates, who, when, where, all that kind of stuff! And on Saturday was the big day.
My friend, Lauren, has her birthday during the summer, and is always saying how she can never have a party or do anything because everyone is always away.
So my friends and I thought that there would be no better way to make her Birthday special then to surprise her with a party!
I envited all the people that I thought she would want at her party. We had it at my house, a sleepover, with 9 girls! The girls, except Lauren, came a couple hours early and helped me decorate and get ready. She came around 5 and everyone was in there positions. We rehearsed about 4 times and everyone knew their cew!
She walked in, thinking it was just a regular sleepover, with me and two other girls, but as i told her to bring her stuff upstairs four other's popped out from various places! The look on her face was irriplaceable! She was totally surprised!
Through out the night we played games and had a really fun time!
I really think she loved it and had a wonderful time, I know everyone else did!

One of her many silly gifts!
We wanted to do something fun for her...so we filled up a super cute pink trash bin with a bunch of fun, random, and silly things, that we knew she would love!

Weronika and I


Valeria, Virginia, and Emily

The Bday girl, Lauren, and Virginia

The partay girls!


Her reaction to a bunch of girls jumping out at her!

Preparing for her arrival!



Frau said...

Good times I think she love it! No picture of the cake?

kw said...

I was having...issue's with the pictures! ;)

AMIT said...

Excellent lovely pictures thanks for showing here.

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