Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wonderful Wordful Wednesday!

Since April
life has been pretty busy around here for many reasons. Below are my following excuses for not blogging frequently, or at all, for the past month or so. But I'm back! (and feel really bad for my absence) :)


-Class Trip: My class along with the 8th grade class and the
 7th grade class went on a week long field trip! We went to a place called Theaterwerk ( or Theater Work in English!) in Northern Germany. It is only about an hour away from Bremen. While we were there we worked on a play called Class Action, about High School kids lives when not in school! We had a very productive week on our play, including line memorization in one day, scene rehersals, even costumes and props, causing very late nights sometimes!!! The play was about two weeks after this feild trip so that trip was very important for everyone! 

-My mom flew to Arizona for her parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. She was gone for two weeks. :(


-During the first two weeks of school,  since the class trip, all the students apart of the cast spent their time in preparation for the play. Busy all the time remembering lines, getting props, and rehersing as much as possible.

- The play was on the eighth of May and went really well! Everyone did so great and the audience seemed to really enjoy it! It was a wonderful
 time and experience for us all! :)

-My dad went to Utah/California for about two weeks. Both places for bussness, along with seeing family and friends in Utah! 

-My school has a club called The Key Club. This is an international club, many schools all across the world have them. The club is the kids version of the Kiwana's Club. The club devotes itself along with whatever it does to raising money for charities or organization's that help children, in anyway. So around the middle of May we held a presentaion for
 all the Kiwanas Club members in Germany. We are the only Key Club in Northern Germany, so we just told them alittle about the projects and fundraisers that we had done so far in 2008-2009. We were presented with 'The Best Key Club of the Year' award.  

Pictures while waiting for our time to shine with our presentation! 


-Since school is almost to an end, on June 19th, the teachers have been craming in work, tests, projects, etc. Thinking that work would calm because of school ending, it has just kept coming. But since there is only a week and a half left for me, it has been slowing some! :)

Here are some pictures from our Drama Field Trip:

Boys playing their obsession: soccer (or Futball as they call it :P)

My Friend Emily (and Roomate for the trip)!


Relaxing after rehersals!

Having fun on stage!

Now, I know my excuses aren't the best....but I feel guilty. ;) And from now on, blogging will be daily, or an attempt at daily!


Frau said...

Welcome back I missed you!

preppyplayer said...

I missed you too!

kw said...

and I missed being here! ;)

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