Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This past weekend my family and I checked off another city off of our 'Europe List'!
We went to Oslo, Norway!
My dad had gone the past year around the same time with some coworkers and he really enjoyed it. My mom and I weren't really sure what to expect though.
We did know one thing. And that was that the sun would pretty much never go down there! That was because the Summer Solstice was happening!
We had a really wonderful time, the weather was great, and we saw a lot of the city...

Vigeland Park

Statue in Vigeland Park
Viking ship
Scary mask thing in the Viking Museum
Penguins in an Exhibition museum!
My Mom and Dad
Ships in the Harbor
Statue near the City Hall
National Theater
Statues in a park near by out hotel
They had a T.G.I. Friday's there! :)
Nobel Peace Prize Building

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Frau said...

Good times! Can't wait to cross another city off.

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