Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

The sun peaked in through the window shades as morning awoke and my Mom came bursting into my room. It was Friday morning and my Mom had to awake me to tell me that it was snowing in Bremen! She opened the blinds, letting in the brightness of the sun, exposing the light, wet, snow falling from the sky. Although it wasn't sticking just yet it was still exciting all the same! Below is a picture of one of the small things that can make my Mom and I happy!

As the day drew on the snow kept falling off and on through out. That night I had a Birthday Party for one of the girls at my school, and as my friend, Emily, and I were making our way back home with the buses and trams the snow got heavier and heavier! Before we knew it we were walking through snow covered sidewalks, full of joy that it was finally sticking to the ground! We were shivering and cold but happy all the same! Below is a picture, from the same place as above, of the snow that actually stuck! Wahoo....

The next day, as my parents, Emily, and I were still enamored with the snow (you'd think that we'd never seen snow before.) My parents decided to go for a walk down a country path near our house. There are some really beautiful pictures of the snow covered tree's and countryside above! Enjoy....


Aclark said...

Oh pretty! i wish it would start snowing here it is still so hott!!
* Alex

kLw said...

Hot? That stinks...Well at least the sun comes out there, we dont get to see it here much!

preppyplayer said...

You are a good writer kate, keep it up. More posts!
Check out my 100.

kLw said...

Thanks PreppyPlayer, dont worry, Ill write more.. :P

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