Saturday, November 15, 2008


Life in Germany has been an adventure from the start. From the first couple of weeks, not yet being used to the time change and falling asleep in the middle of the day to getting lost in the city! It has been an interesting learning experience with a lot of laughter, sadness, and frustration. But now all is well...we are getting around pretty well with the trams, buses, and my ever so famous PINK bike! We have gotten used to the idea of asking people every where we go if they know English and having life go on at a much slower German pace. The food is interesting but I'm managing! Getting to school everyday has been the hardest of them all though. I have to wake up Sooo early so I have time to leave an hour before school starts. I either have to take the tram and bus or ride my bike, and riding my bike isn't fun when it starts to rain and the fog is so thick you can barley see two feet in front of you. But the trams and buses can be interesting too! They are always so crowded and you can barley move, so every morning I take the tram i have to barge through people just in order to get out!

But I guess that it's all apart of the adventure. Dealing with the angry German's all of the time isn't always nice but at some times can be very entertaining! The German's NEVER smile, say 'excuse me', or even say/do anything polite or nice! It is interesting walking down the street, passing people with permanent frowns on their faces! We have ourselves convinced that they were born with frowny faces!!

School has been going well! It is surprisingly smaller than my old school, Cosgriff, but everyone is very nice and was really welcoming! There are only about 15 kids in my class and only 5 of us are girls! One of my good friends is from Texas and another new boy this year is from Georgia! All the kids come from all over the world and it's very interesting to hear about the different cultures. I have friends from Spain/Poland, Germany, Israel, etc.

Although life in Germany has been interesting and fun I still miss Home very very much! I cant wait to see everyone in about 30 days!


Kathy Moskal West said...

Nice Job Katelyn I like the blog...Your are such a lucky girl to live in Germany!!!

New Beginnings... said...

Thanks MOM...lucky? Sometimes!

preppyplayer said...

Nice blog Katelyn!
Put a site meter on so that you can see who is visiting.
Also, you both need blog rolls so that your readers can see who you are friends with and vice versa.
In your profiles, put a lot of key words that describe your interests and you will have people that have the same interests find you and correspond... Maybe you shouldn't do that though, could be some crazies out there.
Love YOu!!

Frau said...

Your such a good writer now write something BooBoo!

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