Monday, November 17, 2008

As I was looking through all of my pictures to get an idea of what to write about, I came across this picture of the sunset. I picked this one particularly because sunsets are rarely seen here in Bremen anymore, because the sun rises so late and sets so early they are barley able to catch anymore. The other day as I was walking from the bus into my school I noticed the sun coming up at around 8 o'clock! It made me think of all the beautiful sunsets/sunrises my family and I saw while in Mexico, where the picture was taken, and quickly brought back good memories of our trip. Starting off my day with that sunrise kept my mind positive and open, creating a very good day full of memories of joy and happiness!


Frau said...

Wow you brought a tear to my eye! Its a beauitful picture and it was a wonderful trip. Best sunsets in the world Cabo San Lucas.

ginny said...

god i miss you! send me the pictures of your class. the one on your page is tiny! haha LOVE YA

preppyplayer said...

Hi Katelyn, keep the posts coming!
I want pics when the Christmas market begins, close-ups of all the German crafts and gifts.
love ya,
Aunt Patty

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