Friday, April 10, 2009

Have you decorated your...

...Easter Tree yet?
Yes, your Easter Tree, sort of like a Christmas tree, but for Easter!
These Easter Tree's are in almost every front yard, shop, or school here in Bremen. The first time I saw one I was..shocked! I had never heard of, seen one, or even thought of an Easter Tree before!

Whats on an Easter Tree?
Well eggs of course! We have seen these eggs before at the grocery stores, they are little plastic or wooden eggs with looped strings attached to them, in order for them to hang!

Everywhere people have their Easter Trees decorated, I saw our neighbors decorating theirs yesterday! I wonder if my family will ever get an Easter Tree!
Above is a picture of my neighbor's Easter Tree. The picture didn't turn out too well, so I'll post some more pictures of ones that I see around town tomorrow!


Frau said...

Next year we will have an Easter tree I promise.

kw said...

wahoo!! :) hehe

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