Friday, April 10, 2009

A delicious day!

Yesterday my mom and I
spent our day in the kitchen.
My mom made lemon pound cake, one for our neighbors, one for her German teacher, and one for us! While I made Easter cookies!

The lovely baker herself!

The ingredients to her masterpiece!

Not quite done yet! :)

The ingredients to my yummy Bunny cookies!

Sophie sunbathing during all this baking!

The Bunnies fresh out of the oven!

Some of them didn't quite make it though :(

Me making my Bunnies pretty!

The finished product!

Now, I was having issues turning this picture of my Bunny around, but I just had to post my oh so Preppy green and PINK Bunny!

and of course...

The Rainbow Bunny!!!



Frau said...

Great job on the cookies...I wish there was more! I had fun baking with you...

Joyce said...

These cookies look tasty! I love surgar cookies. Great job!!

I love pound cake too! xoxo

preppyplayer said...

Another great post- love the pics!
I think your life in Germany is so interesting and I can't wait to visit!

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